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Vision, Mission and Core Values


“ To provide quality and reliable health commodities accessible to health facilities within and outside Tanzania borders”.


MSD was established for the purpose of production, procurement, storage, and distribution of approved health commodities required for use by health facilities. In living this mission, we ensure that health commodities in Tanzania are accessible, reliable, and affordable but also delivered on time at all health facilities in Tanzania and beyond.


“Centre of excellence for health commodities supply chain in Africa.”


We envision MSD as an exemplary institution in Africa for the provision of health commodities through an effective supply chain that involves people, processes, and technology. We envision an organization where employees have skill sets aligned with business processes, encouraging data-driven decisions and using technology solutions to support optimization, data quality, and reporting effective health commodities supply chain.

Core Values

Reliability, Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity, and Customer Focused.

About MSD

Medical Stores Department (MSD) was established by the Act of Parliament No.13 of 1993 as an autonomous department under the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children responsible for developing, maintaining and managing an efficient and cost effective system of procurement, storage and distribution of approved medicines and medical supplies required for use by all public health facilities.