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Vertical Programs Services

Vertical Programs [VP] are initiatives, which focus on a particular disease or group of diseases. In early 1980's to 1990's different programs such as Reproductive Health Program, National Aids Control Program, National Immunization Program, National TB / Leprosy Program were under the Ministry of Health but each was operating individually in term of logistics. The research findings in Health sector revealed that, running each programs individually in terms of its logistics functions was expensive and hence duplication of resources. In order to improve the efficiency of Health sector, in 1996 the government integrated all programs within MSD. Thus, all Vertical Programs logistics functions were incorporated within MSD operations, and the integrated functions were: -

  • Coordination of procurement, Storage and Distribution of program Medicines, Medical Supplies and Laboratory Reagents.
  • Managing receipts of all Medicines, Medical Supplies and Laboratory Reagents supplied by different programs and development Partners (Global Fund, UNICEF, World Health Organization and USAID).
  • Give timely report to the programs on stock status to programs and development partners

The integration strengthened Vertical Programs services likewise lowered the operations costs of programs. This resulted into increase the availability of VP Medicines, Medical Supplies and Laboratory Reagents to the health facilities. Currently MSD operates with different Vertical Programs under the MoH and Health development partners who support health initiatives in the Country. The programs are: - Reproductive Health Program, National Aids Control Program, National Immunization Program, National TB/Leprosy Program, Neglected Tropical Disease Program, National Malaria Program, Tanzania Food and Nutrition Program, Dental Program and Others.

On the other hand, MSD receives Health commodities under the support from various development partners such as: - Global Fund, UNICEF, WHO and USAID. All partners either bring in specific health commodities to supplement GOT commodities or direct support in terms of fund for procurement of items to be delivered to facilities. Vertical Program Medicines, Medical Supplies and Laboratory Reagents are delivered to all zone and facilities through different systems as described below: -

  • Deliveries based on direct shipment to districts / Regions under push system as directed by the programs. (i.e., Immunizations and TB/Leprosy Program).
  • Deliveries based on special campaigns to address specific challenges. (Neglected Tropical Diseases and Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre) vaccinations, dengue - Smart Push. Zones consolidate facility orders and submits them monthly to headquarters for replenishment. Vertical Programs commodities are integrated as per MSD ordering and distribution calendar.


About MSD

Medical Stores Department (MSD) was established by the Act of Parliament No.13 of 1993 as an autonomous department under the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children responsible for developing, maintaining and managing an efficient and cost effective system of procurement, storage and distribution of approved medicines and medical supplies required for use by all public health facilities.