Welcome to Iringa Strategic Business Unit (SBU)

 ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Iringa zone was esterblished in 1994 after abolishing the former Central Stores Department (CMS) serving highlands regions, Iringa, Mbeya, Ruvuma and Rukwa. In July 1997 Iringa zone was divided, this led to creation of Mbeya sales point serving Mbeya and Rukwa and Iringa zonal store remains with Iringa and Ruvuma regions.The objective of splitting was to ensure services are brought near public. However, on 1 July 2014 Iringa zonal located in Iringa municipality was among eight zonal stores transformed to Strategic Business Units (SBUs) with objective of operating efficiently and support the sustainability of MSD as a whole. Iringa zone has total number of 26 employees including; Logistics, Pharmacies, Accounts, Sales, Customer Services specialists as well as Drivers.

Distribution Coverage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  1. Iringa SBU serves a total number of 520 health facilities including the followings;
  2. Three (3) regional Hospital
  3. Seven (7) seven districts Hospital
  4. Nine(9) Faith Based hospital
  5. Four (4) District Designated Hospital ( DDH)
  6. 38 Health centres
  7. 459 Dispensaries

Strategically intended

  1. To be center of excellence for health commodities supply in highlands regions Iringa,Njombe and Ruvuma offering the best storage and distribution services closer to public.
  2. Improve service delivery to its customers through shortens lead time increase stock availability, quality health commodities and improve use of technology.
  3. Market expansion  retain existing customers, revive dormant customers and enhance customers and stakeholders.
  4. To improve sales and distribution items through timely order fulfilment and established distribution schedules


  1. Storing, distributing and selling of items to all public and approved health facilities.
  2. Ensure all customer inquiries and complaints are handled accurately and on time.
  3. Implementing direct delivery schedule, this is currently three months for primary health facilities and two months for hospitals , in order to ensure equitable service delivery to the health facilities throughout its regions.
  4. Build strong relationship, communicate with customers and provide information on commodity availability.Carry out demand forecasting , market survey and solicit customer orders
  5. To maintain appropriate stock levels to meet customer demand.
  6. To communicate new arrivals to customers and promote sales of dormant , obsolete and slow moving items.
  7. Provide logistics and technical support services to customers when needed.
  8. Ensure timely completion of transaction in the system to improve stock data integrity.


  1. Iringa SBU as part and parcel of MSD is implementing the medium term strategic plan (MTSP II) 2014-2020 performs the following objectives:-
  2. - Increase customer satisfaction
  3. - Enhance financial performance
  4. - Increase Market Share
  5. - Improve Service Delivery
  6. - Strengthen Stakeholders Relation
  7. - Enhance compliance
  8. - Improve Working Environment
  9. - Improve Knowledge and Skills
  10. - Improve Performance based Culture
  11. - Improve Use of Technology


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