Timely and affordable clearing services

In 2014, MSD turned clearing unit to Strategic Business Unit (SBU) the move implemented towards the achievement of maximum customer satisfaction as well as timely clearance of Medicines, Medical Supplies and Laboratory Reagents. The SBU is among other MSD units operating independently under procurement Directorate. It is well structured with five functional sections namely Declaration, Accounts, Port, Shipping line and Airports. The SBU is equipped with all necessary working tools including computers, motor vehicles, tricycles and motorcycles for quick and timely completion of clearing activities. It develops its own strategic plans, objectives and performance targets which are reviewed and approved by MSD management.

MSD Clears medicines and medical supplies of which 90% of them are imported. Procurement process goes together with clearing process to enable the said 90% to reach end users. Therefore, MSD clearing SBU is playing a big role on the following:

  • Bridge the gape that always exist between outbound and inbound logistics in the supply chain by getting the medical supplies from foreign supplier through clearing process from port of entry.
  • Capture information for imported/exported medical supplies, which are important source of imports / exports data in the national database.
  • Assist Government on collecting various duties and taxes through accurate declaration of imported/exported goods.

The SBU serves different groups of customers such as;

  • All government referral and regional hospitals, health centers and dispensaries
  • All approved non-governmental /charitable hospitals and Health centers
  • Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children development partners like : WHO, UNICEF, DANIDA, PEPFAR, NMCP,NACP, TACAIDS, Social Welfare, JSI, Reproductive Health Program, National Immunization Program, National TB / Leprosy Program, Neglected Tropical Disease Program, , Tanzania Food and Nutritional program etc.
  • All MSD suppliers importing goods to Tanzania under DDP incoterms.

Clearing Charging mechanism

  • MSD being a non-profit government organization, MSD Clearing SBU charges at minimum fee amount to recover normal operation costs.
  • MSD charging structure is always reviewed by stakeholders including, development partners and Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children.
  • Clearing fee depends on the size of containers, number of containers, nature of products, and mode of transport.
  • All other charges are reimbursable on actual basis.
  • A bill and customer statement is immediately prepared after clearance of the consignment.

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