Director General Note


Maj. Gen. Gabriel Saul Mhidze (Dr)
Director General


MSD mission is to make available at all times medicines, medical supplies and Laboratory reagents of acceptable quality at affordable price to all Tanzanians. We have served the nation for more than 20 years and continue to innovate by sharing ideas with all our stakeholders to ensure that their concerns are consistently understood and addressed with the objective of making our mission tangible, visible and felt among the Tanzanians who access our services.

MSD established a Strategic Management Office (SMO) which is an internal taskforce, mandated to enforce and oversee the implementation of MSD transformation. The office administers the implementation of Deloitte report recommendations following the government decision to conduct a review on the efficiency and effectiveness of MSD in meeting its obligations. The office came into operations on August 1, 2016 and is expected to last for 18 months, reporting directly to Director General and the Project Steering Committee (PSC). The PSC is chaired by Chief Medical Officer and is comprised of members from key stakeholders, namely; MoHCDGEC, MoFP, PO-RALG, GF/LFA, USAID, WHO, MSD and COCACOLA.

As from 2017, MSD started procuring its medicines and medical supplies direct from manufactures instead of suppliers to ensure improved medicines availability, the move that has lowered the medicine prices by half and quarter to some medicines of which most prices were before. With the objective of bringing services closer to Tanzanians; MSD through its six years strategic plan of 2014-2020


has established Community Outlets located at Muhimbili National Hospital – Dar Es Salaam, Sekou Toure – Mwanza, Mbeya located near Mbeya Regional Referral, Mount Meru Hospital - Arusha, Chato – Geita, Ruangwa - Lindi and Katavi - Mpanda.

The pharmacies have increased MSD expanded functionality from providing services to the public through timely access to medicines at the cost individuals and the community can afford. Likewise, the outlets are serving individuals, public and private health facilities under National Health Insurance Fund procedures.

The Department has established workable Strategic Business Units (SBUs) within itself. Four sections have been turned into strategic business units namely, Zonal stores, Vertical Programs, Clearing, and Transport. The Management has signed performance agreements with each strategic business unit aimed at boosting revenue generation and performance at unit and corporate level. With this concept, the four sections operate as profit centers hence assuring MSD of business continuity and financial sustainability.

MSD Delivers medicines, medical supplies and Laboratory reagents direct to 6,700 hospitals, Health centers and dispensaries across the country. The system of Direct Delivery has registered tremendous improvements in terms of timely service delivery, order fill rate, quality and accurate documentation, which have in turn led to increased customer satisfaction.

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